This is how climate deniers respond to climate leadership

One of my Facebook friends, Larry Lazar, wrote an excellent Op-Ed for It was called Something in the weather tells us climate change is real pointing out that the weather has changed and this is because of man-made climate change.

This is how a Mel Herr of Webster Groves responded:

Regarding “Something in the weather tells us climate change is real” by Larry Lazar (Nov. 27):

Hey, Larry, wake up and smell the coffee. Very few people are challenging climate change! What we challenge is your assumption that it is man-made. The earth has always had climate change, and now is no different.

I’m sure your old pa and his anecdotes about how cold it used to be are very entertaining. I know my dad used to tell me about walking 6 miles to school in knee-deep snow and it was uphill both ways. The fact is we only remember the exceptions and not the rule. Ask him to remember all the winters that were average, or not as cold, or a little dry. Believe me, there were far more of them than the extreme ones he remembers.

Finally, Larry, since you know everything dealing with climate change is man-made, then tell the people in the rest of the world to stop burning coal or wood just to survive the winter. Or tell the termites to stop emitting methane, by the way another more potent greenhouse gas. Or how about the volcanoes emitting millions of tons of the same gasses you’re trying to curb? So if you want to do your part in solving the problem, stop procreating. Remember the fewer of us the better for good old Mother Earth.

There are numerous indicators that Larry Lazar is correct and only someone is in denial wouldn’t see that is us that is doing it to ourselves.

Mel and climate deniers like him need to Wake up. Your life and the lives of your children are at stake here. You should be doing everything you can to make sure that your children have a livable environment well into the future.


2 thoughts on “This is how climate deniers respond to climate leadership

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