TEDx Inspirational Speaker Croix Sather – Do The Impossible

People keep telling me things like, “we can’t do that because it won’t work, it will ruin the economy or it would cost too much.” This is usually related to finding solutions to climate change. They think that transforming our energy production will somehow ruin the economy. Germany’s success in renewable energy while improving its economy is proof that it’s just not true. Others claim that if we increase the cost of fossil fuels by way of a carbon tax it will make so that people living in poverty can’t afford energy. So help the people get out of poverty. We don’t have a problem with generating wealth we just have a problem with its distribution. People who say, “I can’t” don’t accomplish much. We have to take the initiative and think positively about what we do or we’ll never get there. Yes, it will require some pain and sacrifice. We can’t afford to give up. The alternative would be a lot more painful and more costly. Just ask the insurance companies. They are losing a lot of money to costly disasters related to rising sea levels and more intense storms. Solving the problem now would be a lot cheaper than suffering the consequences later.


What Americans Don’t Get About Germany’s Renewable Energy Revolution

Munich Re – Significant Natural Catastrophes since 1980


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