Bill Nye Debates Marsha Blackburn

In case you missed the show: This is a short debate between Bill Nye (the science guy) and Marsha Blackburn (politician) that was held on Meet the press. It was a disappointing debate to me. The format was wrong for this and didn’t give Bill Nye nearly enough time to present the evidence in an informative way.

Having debated with deniers in the past, I know that you generally can’t change their minds on the subject. They either deny that it exists, call it a conspiracy or just blow it off as not being a serious problem. However, there maybe some people in the audience that are simply unaware or misinformed about the scientific evidence. In that case, the better you explain it, the more people are likely to accept climate-change as fact.


One thought on “Bill Nye Debates Marsha Blackburn

  1. David Ellis

    Sara Palin has a twin sister. Her name is Marsha Blackburn, Congress Member from Tenn. and a clear denier of climate change. And clearly she spends hours practicing her position in front of the mirror. Just how said for the state of TN to elect such a plastic person to power. I sure hope she gets the boot next election!


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