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This helps to put things in perspective

We have had solar power technology since the 1800s. Early forms were concentrators that powered steam engines. Now we have advances in materials science, engineering, etc.

This image shows how much surface area it would take to power the World, Europe and Denmark, with current solar panel technology.


Contrast that with estimates of how much land has been ruined by tar sands, mountain top coal mining, toxic waste, etc.

Another thing to compare to would be the rough estimate of the reflective surface area required to counter the warming caused by green house gas pollution. Hint: It’s in the millions of square kilometers and it would need to be done in space.

It’s obvious to me that the Solar, Wind and other renewable energy technologies could easily do the job of providing power for our world. It’s just a matter of making the right choices.


Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

Looks like there soon will be an awesome new game. The trailer is also relevant for people who’ve been following the environmental crisis. It’s also pretty cool that this will be available for linux through Valve’s Steam.

Bill Nye Debates Marsha Blackburn

In case you missed the show: This is a short debate between Bill Nye (the science guy) and Marsha Blackburn (politician) that was held on Meet the press. It was a disappointing debate to me. The format was wrong for this and didn’t give Bill Nye nearly enough time to present the evidence in an informative way.

Having debated with deniers in the past, I know that you generally can’t change their minds on the subject. They either deny that it exists, call it a conspiracy or just blow it off as not being a serious problem. However, there maybe some people in the audience that are simply unaware or misinformed about the scientific evidence. In that case, the better you explain it, the more people are likely to accept climate-change as fact.

We need to develop a plan for dealing with sea level rise

Peter Sinclair posted this video on his blog. It has some troubling new information.

We need to develop an action plan to deal with the likely outcome that about 10% of the world’s population will eventually be displaced. Ideally, before it happens. It does happen slowly so there is time to come up with some ideas. The trick will be getting the other 90% to care about those affected by it enough to contribute to finding solutions. The main driver of sea level rise is climate change. Solve that and you could save the lives and property of millions of people around the world.

An idea for dealing with the problem directly would be not encouraging new development along coastlines unless it meets high standards for safety and resiliency. New homes would need to be raised up enough to not be as vulnerable to flooding, and be able to withstand hurricane force winds with ever greater intensity.