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Climate Change: Beating around the bush won’t put out the fire

Graham Wayne is correct. We need to act to confront climate change and the sooner the better.

Small Epiphanies

There is just one reason we’re failing to address climate change. It isn’t discussed much. Nobody wants to hear about it. Nobody wants to confront it. Nobody wants to acknowledge the fundamental nature of the challenge. Yet we’re all edging closer and closer to unthinkable answers, no matter how hard we try to avoid asking the unthinkable questions.

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We need to develop a plan for dealing with sea level rise

Peter Sinclair posted this video on his blog. It has some troubling new information.

We need to develop an action plan to deal with the likely outcome that about 10% of the world’s population will eventually be displaced. Ideally, before it happens. It does happen slowly so there is time to come up with some ideas. The trick will be getting the other 90% to care about those affected by it enough to contribute to finding solutions. The main driver of sea level rise is climate change. Solve that and you could save the lives and property of millions of people around the world.

An idea for dealing with the problem directly would be not encouraging new development along coastlines unless it meets high standards for safety and resiliency. New homes would need to be raised up enough to not be as vulnerable to flooding, and be able to withstand hurricane force winds with ever greater intensity.

This is how climate deniers respond to climate leadership

One of my Facebook friends, Larry Lazar, wrote an excellent Op-Ed for It was called Something in the weather tells us climate change is real pointing out that the weather has changed and this is because of man-made climate change.

This is how a Mel Herr of Webster Groves responded:

Regarding “Something in the weather tells us climate change is real” by Larry Lazar (Nov. 27):

Hey, Larry, wake up and smell the coffee. Very few people are challenging climate change! What we challenge is your assumption that it is man-made. The earth has always had climate change, and now is no different.

I’m sure your old pa and his anecdotes about how cold it used to be are very entertaining. I know my dad used to tell me about walking 6 miles to school in knee-deep snow and it was uphill both ways. The fact is we only remember the exceptions and not the rule. Ask him to remember all the winters that were average, or not as cold, or a little dry. Believe me, there were far more of them than the extreme ones he remembers.

Finally, Larry, since you know everything dealing with climate change is man-made, then tell the people in the rest of the world to stop burning coal or wood just to survive the winter. Or tell the termites to stop emitting methane, by the way another more potent greenhouse gas. Or how about the volcanoes emitting millions of tons of the same gasses you’re trying to curb? So if you want to do your part in solving the problem, stop procreating. Remember the fewer of us the better for good old Mother Earth.

There are numerous indicators that Larry Lazar is correct and only someone is in denial wouldn’t see that is us that is doing it to ourselves.

Mel and climate deniers like him need to Wake up. Your life and the lives of your children are at stake here. You should be doing everything you can to make sure that your children have a livable environment well into the future.

We need a game to help people break free from unhealthy game addictions

We need a game to help people break free from unhealthy game addictions. This game would essentially be like nicotine for addicted gamers allowing themselves to be slowly weaned off of addictive games that are ruining their lives, their relationships and their fiances. Many video games are intentionally designed to get their users addicted and waste a lot of money on the game. Some even claim to be “Free” but in reality they make more money than traditional “buy once” games because they sell in-game items for money. Games like Candy Crush and Tap Fish first get users addicted with free game play then they use a tactic called coercive monetization to trick them into buying in-game items that unlock special features that help them advance further into the game. The game is designed in a way that as soon as the game sees the player as a spender they ramp of the difficulty level to get them to buy more items. Some people have drained their savings and are now living paycheck to paycheck. While this is obviously unethical is isn’t currently illegal or regulated in anyway. Greedy and unethical game companies have every incentive to continue using this model to make profits. Some games like Candy Crush are getting obscene amounts of revenue this way because they have so many victims.


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